Directions to Blueberry Hill Tenting Area

  • Rt 3 South to exit 6 (Rt 44 west).
  • Left at 2nd light, then pass Shaws supermarket
    (This is a brand new street and won't appear on any maps)
  • Left at end of street (onto Summer St)
  • Pass over Rt 3, then take first right (onto Westerly Rd)
  • At the end of that road, take a right (onto Billington St)
  • You should immediately cross over a stream, and then under Rt 3.
  • Follow that road for a little over 4 miles.
  • Now look for a large pine tree on the right with a dark blue stripe painted around it. There should be a road sign there "Rocky Pond Road".
(If you somehow get lost, ask for Blueberry Hill camping area on Curlew pond.)
  • Take a right onto Rocky Pond Road (dirt road).
  • The road will become paved and you will go over a very sharp hill.
  • Stay to the right on the pavement.
You're now in the campground.

Keep your speed under 5 mph!

Not 10. Not 7. FIVE!

The campers are militant about this, and they will literally chase you down and chastise you if you're driving faster than a brisk walk. There are lots of small children running around loose, and everyone takes the speed limit pretty seriously.

  • As you enter the campground, there is a large Blueberry Hill sign with a map on it.
  • Take the dirt road to the left of that sign.
  • Follow that road, keeping to the left.
  • After a couple hundred yards, the road will bend hard to the right.
  • You will see the visitor parking lot after that on the left.
  • Park there.

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