Photo collections:
Photos from Jim Charpentier
Photos from Ann Abram
Photos from Kel Flynn (Jean Shadley's grand daughter)
Bonfire Pizza 2007 (slideshow)
Bench Photos 2007
Water fun 2007 (slideshow)
Mystery Night 2007
Horseshoe Tournament 2003
Swimming Events 2003
Historical photos (please help me with these)
360-degree panorama from the pond center
Pork Roast – Bonfire 2002
Swimming Events 2002
Halloween 2002
Mystery Night
Horseshoe Tournament - 2002
50's Dance - 2002
A handful of mediocre wiffleball tourney photos
1984 Pink Fink Party
Pat's 1971 photos
Ron Wiik's photos
Jerry Tameo's photos
Bob McGrath's photos from the 1940's

Individual photos:
Lower beach panorama (200k)
Main beach panorama (250k)
The cottages' beach panorama (50k)
Sunrise - lower beach (400k)
Canoes - main beach (300k)
Aerial photo - Entire pond (175k)
Aerial photo - Beaches (140k)

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